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May 5, 2022
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Reasons Why ASM’s PGDM Is The Perfect Choice For Aspiring Business Professionals?
May 13, 2022

11 Quick Tips for Slots Enthusiasts

Most played machines

Slots are not the cheapest game you can find at online casinos. And yet they are certainly the most played machines in casinos. People are really attracted to it like a magnet.

This doesn't really make sense, as slots are one of the highest home profits for casinos. But for some, it doesn't matter. They just want to experience the thrill of playing a slot machine.

11 Quick Tips for Slots Enthusiasts

And so we have listed 11 tips and tricks for that group of people that you can keep in mind while playing slot machines.

They won't directly help you win more. But they will help you have more fun playing slots.

️ Avoid slot trance

When you watch players play at a slot machine, chances are you will see that they are in some sort of trance. They stare blankly at the screen and automatically press the home button every few seconds.

This is exactly how every casino wants slot players to behave. When you are in the Tomb of the slot, you keep spinning the reels until you run out of money. And if you're not careful, you'll just stop and put money in the machine and you immediately go back into a trance.

Slot machine trance is precious and novice gamblers should definitely learn to recognize this phenomenon. Only then will you know when it is time to take a break.

Understand the 'Player Return' Percentage (RTP)

An Elk slot machine is a software program that controls the machine. That's not how old-fashioned slots work. It doesn't matter whether you play slots at a land-based casino or online.

The software program contains instructions that determine how much the slot takes in winnings and how much it returns to the gambler. The amount programmed to give back to the machine is called 'refund to player'.

The easiest way to understand RTP is to think of it as a percentage. The slot with a 93% return to the player pays back 93% of all bets to the players, for example, Dungeon Immortal Evil.

However, giving back to the player is a percentage that is calculated over a longer period. So in the short term, it goes up and down. But over thousands of spins, the player always feels the return percentage. As a gambler, this is important to know, because if you bet €93 on a machine with a 100% return for the player, you will only get back €93 on average.

It's not easy to find the RTP for the slot, but you should try to find it. And then you only have to play on the machines with the highest return or the highest RTP percentage.

Understand how casino bonuses work

One of the great things about playing slots is that you can get some fun bonuses if you are willing to play at an online casino. If you can double or triple your bankroll, you can play longer before you run out of money.

11 Quick Tips for Slots Enthusiasts

However, you need to understand how bonuses work before getting too excited. You'll probably still want to use them, but you need to know in advance what you're signing up for.

The first thing you need to know is how big the bonus is. This is usually a percentage of your deposit. A 100% bonus is matched to your deposit. A 200% slot machine bonus actually triples your bankroll.

View Casino Loyalty Program

Many casinos have a separate program for players that allows them to earn bonuses or player points. Such programs are known by different names, but usually, all come to the same thing. You enroll in the program and earn some sort of compensation while you play.

This is usually a small percentage of your risk, but when you play slots it is better to get something back than to get nothing. Check if the casino you are playing in has a VIP program and always sign up for it.

Think carefully about your bet amount

If you bet €3 on a slot machine spin, you will lose more than the €1 you risk on the spin. Remember how RTP works. The higher your coin or bet, the more you will lose on average.

This means that one of the best ways to play longer on your bankroll is to play on machines that give you less risk on every spin. Find a slot with a small stake and you can save money in the long run.

Don't play too fast

Another important tip is that the speed at which you play directly affects how much you lose when playing slots. For example, if you play 600 spins every hour, you will lose more than if you play 300 or 400 spins every hour.

The great thing about slots is that you decide how many spins you play every hour. You will not be sent out of the machine for not spinning enough. Train yourself to play the slots more slowly to increase your playing time and limit your losses.

Remember why slots sometimes have multiple game features

Many of the new slots have bonus rounds in the main game as well as games that you can unlock. These all sound like fun when you play slots, but the truth is that these features are in the game to keep you playing for a long time.

Anything else that allows you to play slots for a longer period of time is good for the casino. Remember that the longer you play the slot, the more you lose.

You can enjoy the in-game play and bonus rounds and story slots, but always remember that these things make you play on the slots longer.

Difference Between Regular and Progressive Jackpots

Some slots are jackpots. And some machines have progressive jackpots. These are both jackpots, but progressive jackpots are different from regular jackpots.

A regular jackpot always remains the same amount. A progressive jackpot grows as more gamblers play the machine until one lucky gambler wins it. Then the progressive jackpot resets to a low volume and starts rising again.

Limit your losses

You can use some of the strategies already covered to minimize losses when playing slots. But there is an even simpler step that you can take and it totally works.

Determine how much you want to lose before you start playing and only use that amount to play. If you run out of money, it is the end of the game and you should stop playing.

Best Slots to Play

Over the years, many players have realized that the best slots have two things in common.

Better slots have a lower cost per spin. You can think of slots where you can already play with only €0,10.

The second is that a good slot machine always has a jackpot. Or at least one bonus round where you can win over €50,000.

You know you're not going to win in the slots you play for a long time. So it is wise to at least make sure that you keep the cost low and that the chances of winning the jackpot exist.

There are better options

Instead of playing slots, there are many more games that cost you less and can pay you more. Usually, you can do video poker machines which give much higher returns to the player as compared to slots. And it is very easy to find the RTP percentage for video poker machines.

If you lose too many playing slots, check out video poker. You need to learn a few little things about patables and strategy, but it's easy to do.