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May 5, 2022
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Reasons Why ASM’s PGDM Is The Perfect Choice For Aspiring Business Professionals?
May 13, 2022

1Win Promo Code 2024 | 500% Bonus up to $1025

1win Promo Code 2024: WAX500 when it is introduced, the bookmaker charges you the largest registration bonus in the amount of 500%, the amount of the welcome bonus reaches $1025. If you are a casino player, you can additionally get free spins if your deposit is more than $20. The 1win welcome offer is valid throughout 2024 inclusive. 

1Win Bonus Code: WAX500

Bonus code 1win: WAX500 gives the largest bonus among bookmakers in the amount of $1,025 to the bonus account. The bonus code is a great opportunity to play and withdraw bonus funds during the betting process. To use the promo code, you must be a registered and adult user. Be careful, as this option must be opened and if you skip this field, you will not receive an exclusive promo offer.

1win bookmaker conducts its work in a completely new format compared to its competitors. For example, this is the principle of using a bonus: there is no time limit for wagering, you just play and get either an instant transfer of funds, or gradually spend it. The new website design, 1win no deposit bonuses and the loyalty program are popular both among sports betting fans and fans of slots and other online games. Modern streamers often demonstrate the advantages of betting on the 1win platform. 

Bonuses and promo codes provide an opportunity for more winnings and, plus, the 1Win platform constantly pleases its players with prizes and bonuses. Only good rewards will help you make more bets on both sports and online games. In this article, you will learn how to get the 1win welcome bonus and how to use it in betting. 


Introduction to 1win Bonus Codes

1win Promo Code today: WAX500 when you enter it in the field “Enter the promo code” during registration, you will receive a 500% bonus in the amount of $1025. You can win back these funds using sports betting or a casino, but if you are more a fan of gambling and slots, the bookmaker provides 70 more free spins to the welcome bonus. Place bets and receive bonus withdrawal in the process of successful bets. This bonus code is valid throughout 2024 for all newcomers who complete the full registration.

1Win, a platform that has been in existence since 2016, is a young and advanced bookmaker that is simply teeming with bonuses and prizes for new and regular players. The first bonus you receive is a welcome bonus, which is valid upon registration. But in order to activate it, you need to make a first deposit of at least €1 and these 500% bonuses are distributed over 4 deposits:

  1. 200% bonus after the first payment
  2. 150% bonus after the second installment
  3. 100% bonus after the third installment
  4. 50% bonus after the fourth installment

You may ask, why do I need all these bonuses? What will they give me?

All accrued bonuses and promo codes give you the opportunity to increase your winnings, as it works:

With 1win Promo Code: WAX500, you can increase your bonus account by $1025 in the amount of 500% on your first deposit. This promotion allows you to receive double bonus rewards to your sports betting and online gaming account. In addition, when you top up your account from $10, you get 70 free spins for slots. Hurry up to join 1win, because this bonus code is valid until December 31, 2024. 
With the help of the bonus, you can also multiply and increase your winnings. This is especially successful in sports betting, where for each winning bet you are credited 5% to the bonus account. It is most convenient and profitable to win back bonuses in casinos and sports betting.

How can 1win bonus improve your gaming experience?

If you are a regular player, betting or playing slots every day, bookmakers reward you for this and give you more vouchers, free spins, bonuses and promo codes.

There are also competitions for experienced players, if your bet is the most winning in a particular list, then in addition to prizes in the form of bonuses, the platform also gives gifts in monetary terms, which can be immediately withdrawn.

What Is 1win Bonus Code?

1win bonus code 2024: WAX500 is a special set of letters and numbers that immediately activates a welcome bonus of up to €1025 for sports betting. Also at the same time, you get €1025 for betting on slots, online games. Register and verify your account before making your first deposit. According to the terms of the 1win welcome offer, you must be an adult user who has not previously had an account in the system.

Get more opportunities to win, more opportunities to multiply your winnings and also free spins. Promo codes can only be used on the 1Win website or mobile app. Our bonus code is free and you can share it with other bettors who do not yet have an account on the website of this bookmaker. 

How Do I Get The 1win Bonus Code?

1win bonus code 2024: WAX500 use it during registration, activate the first deposits and receive $1,025 to the bonus account. All current promo codes are available on our website, copy them, paste them into the window when registering “Enter the promo code.” Create an account and deposit an amount starting from €1 to receive bonus funds. 

Promo codes are issued to both new and avid players. You can activate the code after registration, how do I do this? Let's take an example:

Register on the 1win website in any way convenient for you ("in one click", via messengers or by e-mail)
In the "Enter a promo code" window, enter the code that you have 
Immediately after logging into your account, you will see the bonuses accrued to you after the promo code on your bonus account and you can safely use them in casinos, slots or sports betting.

But this welcome bonus is activated only after depositing and is divided into 4 payouts: 200%, 150%, 100% and 50%. The maximum bonus amount for each deposit is 500%.

In order to withdraw money, you need to win back this bonus in any entertainment category on the 1Win platform.
All promo codes are also freely available in the telegram channels of bookmakers.

   How to Use The 1win Bonus Code?

Copy this 1win Promo Code: WAX500 and use it when registering to receive a bonus increased to $1025. This offer with access to exclusive promotions is valid until December 31, 2024. Each new user receives two bonuses: for sports betting and for games in the Casino section.

Code Activation steps:

  1. To start, click the "Register" button on the website or in the application
  2. Fill in information about yourself (full name, phone number and email)
  3. In the "Enter a promo code" window, enter: WAX500
  4. Coming up with a password
  5. Immediately after logging into your personal account, you will be offered to top up your deposit – this is the basis for activating the code.
  6. The wallet is replenished through online banks, terminals, crypto wallets or electronic payment systems: UFI, ASTROPAY, AdvCash.
  7. You will need to enter your banking details and then confirm the payment.
  8. The minimum deposit to receive the bonus is $1 (it also depends on the chosen payment system)

200% of the bonuses from the first deposit will be credited to the additional bonus account immediately, they can be used in sports betting and casinos. Bonus money will be available for withdrawal only after wagering, you can monitor this in the "Balance" section.

Terms and Conditions for using the 1win bonus

1win Promo Code free: WAX500 - it gives new players a 500% bonus up to $1,025 and charges +70 free spins for casino fans. But this is not the only promotion with a promo code that pleases users, there are also promo codes for no deposit bets and many others. Odds in such transactions must be higher than 3. The bonus is used only within the specified rules:

We choose the type of pair – ordinary (the most common type of bet in the outcome is only one – successful, only in this case you will receive a win)

Wagering conditions: until the bonus funds run out

The outcome of the event is victory (redemption and refund are not taken into account!)
For each successful bet, you receive 5% of the winnings (in addition to the main one) 

Terms of Use of 1win casino bonus

You can use slots or other games from this category. The amount of money lost will be returned to you once a day and will depend on the loss according to the following table:

$65 1%
$260 2%
$650 3%
$1300 4%
$6500 5%
$9100 10%
$13000 20%

Requirements if the rate is express

We choose the type of bet – express
The number of outcomes in the coupon is 5 or more
The event coefficient is from 1.3 and above
The outcome is only a win

The amount of the bonus to be paid depends on how many outcomes are in the coupon, we calculate according to this table:
The number of events is 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and more
Bonus to win - 7%,8%,9%,10%,11%,12%,15%

Types Of Bonuses When Using Promo Code 1win

1Win Welcome Bonus 2024

Use 1Win Promo Code: WAX500 and get a 500% bonus with a total amount up to $1025. Additional funds are credited to a special account from which it will need to be wagered. All players have two bonus accounts available: one for sports betting, and the second for online games. 
You get it when you register, for this we take the following steps:

  1. We register on the website 
  2. Enter the promo code in the "Enter promo code" window
  3. And top up the deposit in the amount of $10
  4. We win back the bonus money and receive a step-by-step transfer from successful bets in the amount of 5% to the main account.

Express bets with a 15% bonus on winnings

This is one of the most common promotions. You need to create a chain of 5 or more events with a coefficient of at least 1.3.
If you have created a chain of 11 or more events, you will receive an additional 15% bonus from winning.

Bonus for installing the 1win app

At a minimum, we note that the 1win app is much more convenient to use than constantly visiting the site. For the installation, you can get an additional $100/€ for betting on any sports events. This bonus is part of the "Free Money" promotion.

Only 1win app Promo Code: WAX500 entitles you to receive a $100 no deposit bonus for new users. You will also receive an additional $30 for activating notifications. The first deposit bonus is 500% and is credited in the amount of $1025

1win Deposit Bonus

Get a deposit bonus of up to $1025 using 1 win promo code: WAX500. There are only two such accounts – for sports betting and for casinos. Register with our code and confirm your account. Next, you need to make the first deposit to your account and get the first of 4 bonuses. 

Money can be withdrawn from them only after wagering.
Deposit bonuses can also be obtained in the following categories:

  • Free Spins for deposits
  • Sports betting with improved odds 
  • Vouchers for subscribing to telegram and enabling notifications

           Exclusive Offers from 1win

Cashback 30%

Bookmakers offer an excellent promotion – wagering lost money for a week at casinos and slots.
When calculating cashback, we are guided only by the funds you have lost, we act according to this scheme:

  • The percentage of cashback is 1%.    from the amount of $65
  • The percentage of cashback is 2%.    from the amount of $260
  • The percentage of cashback is 3% of the amount of $650
  • The percentage of cashback is 4% of the amount of $1,300
  • The percentage of cashback is 5% of the amount of $6,500
  • The percentage of cashback is 10% of the amount of $9,100
  • The percentage of cashback is 20% of the amount of $13,000
  • The percentage of cashback is 30% of the amount of $18,000

Cashback is credited to the player's real balance.

Free Money

Free bonuses are credited to the account for the following actions:

  • Registration 
  • Installing applications
  • Subscribe to the channel's telegram newsletter
  • New and Regular players

70 Free Spins

Get free free spins for a deposit. With the first deposit of $30 or more, you will receive 70 free free spins for which you can not win them back, but immediately withdraw them to your account.

Or they go for completing tasks from the 1Win provider, where the main prize (which is divided among the participants) is 24,000,000 €.

Free spins are given to a specific slot machine and they need to be used for a certain time. The winnings must be wagered with a certain wager (a coefficient that determines how much money a player needs to spend on a bet to win back the bonus)
No deposit 50 and 100 free spins can be used to instantly withdraw money to your account without making a deposit.

Advantages of Using 1win Bonus Codes

Promo codes and bonuses can and should be used to make free bets, increase the odds to increase your winnings, and many other bonuses that are pleasant for the player on the 1Win platform.
The main advantages:

Easy conditions for obtaining
They are mainly credited as a reward for a permanent deposit 

Simple wagering
The terms are simple and transparent, if you are a regular user on this platform, then you know how imperceptibly these bonuses are being played back 

The opportunity to get a big bonus
Promo codes are given gifts and bonuses for large amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I activate the 1win Bonus Code?

The bonus code (promo code) can be entered during registration in a separate window "Enter the promo code" or in the line "Betting"

How do I place a bet with 1win Promo Code?

Place bets from the bonus account on the 1Win platform on ordinaries with a coefficient of at least 3. If the bet is winning, you will receive an additional 5% of the amount won on the balance

How do I check if 1win code is valid?

When you enter it in the "Enter a promo code" field, the database can accept it, if this happens, it means your code is not valid and you need to use another one.

How is the 1win sports betting bonus used?

The bonus account must be wagered using bets from the main account.  It is necessary to place ordinary bets from the main account and the basis is a coefficient of at least 3.

How do I win back the 1win casino bonus?

The process of wagering a 1win casino bonus resembles cashback. The more bets you lose per day, the greater the amount that is transferred from the bonus account to the account with real money.
The transfer of bonus funds to the main account takes place regularly at 00:00.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Bonus Codes:

  1. Before using the bonus, study its terms, as each bonus has its own limitations.
  2. Constantly check your account for new bonuses, do not miss the opportunity to get as many of them as possible, but do not forget – some have a limited validity period!
  3. Use bonuses confidently, as this multiplies your winnings, and in some cases it is also "easy money". The platform constantly gives promo codes to its users.

Errors when Using 1win Bonus Codes and how to avoid them

Incorrectly entered code

Sometimes a promo code burns out if you enter it incorrectly, so be careful about inserting it into the "Enter promo code" window and do not miss it during registration.

Using promo codes that are limited in time

You calculate your capabilities and time so that your promo code does not burn out and you cannot win it back and earn. Carefully read the terms of the promo codes so that this does not happen. 

Do not read the terms of use

Some promo codes are aimed at certain categories, be it casinos, sports betting or other. Carefully study the promo code and its effect.

Conclusion about 1win Bonus Code

In total, the 1Win platform is very developed and available in most countries of the world: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan. The main advantages are the daily issuance of promo codes, bonuses and promotional offers for both new and regular players.
If you look at the reviews, the positive ones are in the lead, since these bookmakers are very responsible for comments and eliminate certain disadvantages of the site / application.

1win app is available, which greatly facilitates the use of the platform, since you also get additional bonuses for downloading it.
The most important thing about promo codes and bonuses is their availability, they are updated daily in the telegram channel, for which, by the way, you can also get a bonus or a subscription prize.

1Win bonus code are beneficial to you because they multiply your money at times, thereby giving you pleasure not only from the game, but also from winning. The 1Win platform is used by millions of players who love sports, casinos and easy vacations where you can still earn money.
The 1win promo code WAX500 is currently valid 2024. Therefore, use it and win for yourself new opportunities for good relaxation and earnings!