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May 5, 2022
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May 13, 2022

5 reasons to play at unlicensed online casinos

5 reasons to play at unlicensed online casinos

The advent of the Dutch gambling license has created a wider range of casinos for Dutch players. Yet, there are also plenty of reliable unlicensed online casinos to be found. These are either unlicensed or not licensed at all. This sounds a bit worrying, but there are plenty of other ways to play responsibly. Even playing at an unlicensed online casino is generally regulated.

Moreover, in these unlicensed casinos, you have certain advantages that you don't have in Dutch casinos. Here are five reasons why you might still choose to play at an unlicensed online casino.

1. Unlicensed casinos: more game selection

The games on offer at each casino are always different, but licensed casinos are limited in their game selection. This is because in some jurisdictions, it is difficult to find developers whose games are approved by the regulatory authority. For unlicensed online casinos, this condition does not apply, so they can offer more games. It is also easier for them to offer multiple games from a particular developer.

2. Unlicensed casinos: higher bonuses

This is the most obvious difference. In all casinos, you start your visit with an invitation to the welcome bonus. That welcome bonus is the big eye-catcher and some casinos make a big splash with amounts like $1,200 or even $5,000.

On the other hand, the Dutch welcome bonuses tend to have a Brussels sprout smell. Bonuses are usually worth around €50 or €100. There are casinos that come out with, hold on, €250. That's really considerably lower than the thousands of euros you can find in unlicensed casinos.

Other countries also often offer lower bonuses than the casinos that do not have to follow the imposed rules of a license. In some licenses, such as in Belgium, bonuses are prohibited altogether.

3. Unlicensed casinos: paying with crypto

Because licenses are administered by governments, they are often suspicious of the use of crypto currencies. If you like to pay with, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, then it's best to go to an unlicensed casino. Moreover, betting with these crypto currencies is done with a traceable system, where the transaction is transparent to everyone - completely fair, in other words.

4. Unlicensed casinos: smoother reliability

Registering at international casinos is a lot faster and easier. You're done in a few minutes while still playing at a reliable casino. Especially with a license from the MGA (the Maltese gambling authority) or the UKGC (the British authorities), you can be sure that the casinos are strictly controlled. All games here are also completely reliable and fair. Before receiving their license, casinos must take strict measures regarding security. This means you get all the benefits of an unlicensed casino, but with the same reliability.

5. Unlicensed casinos: playing on all cylinders

Last but not least, many licenses impose strict restrictions on playing. In the UK, for example, it is forbidden to offer a bonus buy and this idea seems to be emulated in the Netherlands as well. With a Dutch gaming license, autoplay is already prohibited and there is a maximum deposit limit.

This makes playing subject to more and more conditions, which of course does not benefit the enjoyment of playing. In unlicensed casinos, you can play without limits and use the various functions that come with the game.

Want to gamble at a reliable casino?

Convinced by these reasons? Then check out our best reliable casinos. Here we don't just look at the first impression of a license. Instead, we look at how the casino takes care of players, how the data is secured, and uses reputable developers.

For example, Black Magic Casino is not yet licensed, but that could change at any time. Has the casino done anything different from? No, because even now there are all kinds of rules that the casino adheres to. Other reliable casinos include Happy Spins, SlotsDreamer, and Lapilanders.

Playing responsibly

While the casino should of course take measures to protect players, you yourself are always ultimately responsible. Gambling responsibly means paying attention to your budget and the time you spend at online casinos. It's good to make sure you have other hobbies as well. That way, playing at online casinos remains fun and hassle-free.