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December 16, 2014
Why Should You Enrol for PGDM in Enterprise Management
Why Should You Enrol for PGDM in Enterprise Management at ASM IBMR?
June 7, 2018

Movies about motorcycle racing

These movies are about motorcycle racing. The speed, the drive, the screeching of the wheels unites these movies. Motorcycle racing can be the meaning of the main character's life and the basis of the plot or a small episode of the movie.

The main character is strong and determined, he rides his motorcycle to meet the dangers. His bike is an extension of himself. Only by looking forward, trusting his iron horse you can win.

Speed and wind blowing in your face make you crazy, adrenaline in your blood makes your heart beat faster, and the danger that lies in wait for the heroes on the road tickles your nerves.

The best movies of all time

Not everyone gets behind the wheel of a bike, but watching top moto movies is definitely fun. Despite the fact that the biker movement originated in the late '50s, the modern look of the man on the bike is clearly different from its predecessors. The pioneers were first called just motorcyclists, then rockers and only recently no other than bikers. Fans of the "iron horse" and used to change it for cars, creating their own groups, dressed in leather, chrome, but only since the late nineties the biker movement has acquired a truly massive scale, as a certain lifestyle of like-minded society, with its own rules, manners, traditions and slang.

Making the best movies about motorcycles, filmmakers used different genres to convey to the audience a special world of bikers. In 1983, Francis Ford Coppola's drama "The Fighting Fish" was released, starring a young Mickey Rourke. It was a story about two brothers from a dysfunctional family, one of whom was an avid motorcyclist, and the second really wanted to be like him.

The list of motorcycle movies grows each year, becoming more diverse. Fantastic motifs are used in the action movie "Ghost Rider" and its sequel "Ghost Rider 2". Biker Johnny Blaze, trying to save his father, sells his soul to the devil, not realizing in what hell he will have to boil together with his bike for many years.

Behind the brutal and rugged appearance of the bikers sometimes hides a vulnerable and romantic soul, so many movies about motorcycles online are made in a melodramatic vein. After the release of the film "Three Meters Above Heaven" and its subsequent continuation, the young girls all in love with the main character, and among the guys increased the number of those who will not part with "iron horse.

Some people admire the biker way of life, while others are perplexed. But don't jump to conclusions. "Easy Rider", "Girl on a Motorcycle", "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Cowboy", "Mad Max", "Torque", "Phonogram of Passion". - These and other foreign and Russian motorcycle movies bring you closer to the lives of bikers, making you laugh and cry along with the characters in the stories.