10 Reasons Why ASM’s PGDM Is The Perfect Choice For Aspiring Business Professionals?
May 5, 2022
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Reasons Why ASM’s PGDM Is The Perfect Choice For Aspiring Business Professionals?
May 13, 2022

TOP-3 Sony exclusive that appeared on personal computers

The Sony Game Company has long changed its development vector and abandoned the unconditional exclusivity of its projects. Indeed, Sony PlayStation enters personal computers more and more exclusives, causing a flurry of discontent among ardent fans of the Japanese console. This process can be treated differently, but the fact remains: now on the PC you can play in almost all large products available on Sony consoles and the list of such games will only increase. So, below will be told about those video games C PS4 and PS5, which are already available on the "boyar" platform.
1. Days gone
A third-person action movie in the open world in the surroundings of the zombie apocalypse. The action of the game unfolds somewhere in the outback of the United States, and the main character is an ordinary guy looking for his wife. You can explore locations on your motorcycle, and not only robbers, sectarians and looters will become the main enemies, but also huge hordes of monsters, which are lost here in real flocks. The game has a fairly beautiful and interesting open world, competent and unobtrusive elements of survival and craft, dynamic battles with a zombie and a very long saturated plot, on the passage of which you can spend approximately 60 hours.
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
Another exclusive Sony, which migrated with PS4 among the very first games. The project performs in the third -person Action genre in an amazing world where human tribes are adjacent to mechanical animals that scare and captivate at the same time. The game has a very sophisticated plot in the best traditions of science fiction, as well as an excellent open world that you want to explore. The key feature of the project is very spectacular and spectacular battles with robotic predators, for the fight against which we need to use a rich arsenal of weapons and various equipment. The main character is a pretty girl Ela, who is looking for the whole truth about herself and in parallel saves the world from a mortal threat.
3. God of War
The last exclusive Sony at the moment, which has reached the PC. God of WAR of the 2018 model is a soft restart of the cult series that tells about the difficult everyday life of Spartan Kratos, which is known for its many killings of the gods. Now the hero has long wants to forget his difficult past and settled in the world of the Scandinavian gods, where he lives a peaceful life and raises his son. However, not all local deities are delighted with the new guest, so Kratos again awaits the test and difficult battles. An open world, side activities, deep pumping appeared in the game. The combat system has become even tougher and spectacular, and the plot now has become truly adult and raises very serious topics. i will explain how easy this site is and well, probably https://casino-in.gr/ , a site for everyone, not for a select few, i mean, every person can really earn here, i'm absolutely serious any man is not important, age or town but I would have started with the fact that you can go to this site and start earning money .