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May 13, 2022

Vikinglotto Casino Review

Have you ever missed a lottery that offers a real Scandinavian touch of history and culture? Well, you're clearly not alone in doing so, as there are already several lottery platforms on the market that offer such an experience. Viking lotto is one of them, an exciting Norwegian gaming platform with a rich history.

Viking lotto is one of the gaming sites that has been around longer than any other, especially in the Norwegian market. Today, the website focuses on nine different countries, but they were originally a provider for only five Nordic countries. Back in 1993, Viking lotto began offering lottery games to residents of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark.

Through cooperation, these countries combined their financial capabilities to offer their users higher prizes as well as a better gaming experience. This has clearly worked, as today they offer jackpots of €3 million and up! Let's find out if Viking Lotto games are worth playing.

A brief overview of the platform's history

As already mentioned, Viking Lotto started in 1993, and as synonymous with the name, they started in Scandinavia. The five main countries in the region, as we know, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark were the first to access the service. Eventually, the service became so popular that more and more countries wanted to join it.

Thus, in 2002, Estonia joined the fun, and in 2011, Latvia and Lithuania also decided to participate. Not only that, but in 2017 we were joined by the latest Viking lotto participant, namely Slovenia. Together, these nine countries make up what Viking lotto represents and still represents today.

Various countries have also chosen to place their own spores on the platform and in the games it offers. In Denmark, for example, they like to call it "Onsdagslotto," and the Icelanders like to call it "Víkingalottó." Slovenians, on the other hand, like to call it "Vikingu Loto. These are just different names (and languages) for the same game.

How do I play Viking Lotto?

Fortunately, Viking lotto is not difficult to play, as the site is very simply presented. To play, you choose six prime numbers from 1 to 48 as well as a bonus number (the Viking number) from 1 to 8. If all of your six main numbers and the bonus number match in the drawing, you win the grand prize.

The maximum winning prize limit at any time is €35 million or approx. 350 million Norwegian kroner. If the prize exceeds this, the score will be paid to the winners in the next game round. Considering that a series of games in Viking Lotto costs about 1 euro in most countries, this represents a pretty favorable price for players compared to other games.

An interesting fact is that while the grand prize and second prize are distributed among the nine participating countries and are thus identical, this does not apply to the other prizes. This means that prizes other than the first and second prizes may vary greatly from country to country.

The odds of winning

In this casino review we take a look at how Viking Lotto rates in terms of odds of winning compared to other similar lottery services. Viking Lotto has odds between 1 and 98 million per row. That's almost middle of the tree compared to other similar services. It is also worth noting that the longer it takes for someone to win the grand prize, the better the odds of winning. The Viking raffle is held every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in Hamar.

As you know, Viking lotto prizes are limited to €35 million, so the prizes are never as extreme as, for example, the Euro Jackpot. But €35 million should still be enough to satisfy the vast majority of lotto players. Here are some of Viking's biggest prizes:

  • €33.2 million in April 2018.
  • €24.5 million in May 2013.
  • 21.3 million euros in January 2012.

Payments, taxes

Viking lotto pays out winnings to its winners in a lump sum. This means that none of your cash prizes will be withheld or delayed if you are lucky enough to win. You also have 365 days to claim your prize after the day you win. When it comes to tax on any prizes, it looks good for the vast majority of countries that participate in Viking bingo. As a resident of Norway pays, you have no tax on your prizes.

Only Latvia and Slovenia charge tax on the prize money they pay. In Latvia, prizes up to €3,000 are tax-free and cash prizes between €3,000 and €55,000 are taxed at 23%. Cash prizes over €55,000 are also taxed at 31.4%. In Slovenia, all prize money over €300 is taxed at 15%.

Although Viking bingo is mainly intended for citizens of Scandinavian countries, the free market and the Internet always offer solutions for people who want to play from other countries. There are a number of so-called concierge services that offer people from different countries to play Viking bingo through them.

Overall, we would say that Viking lotto is a very promising service with a wealth of experience that makes it easy to trust them as lottery players. If you are looking for a Scandinavian touch in your gaming service, Viking lotto can be recommended as a perfect alternative. Viking lotto offers both good prizes and respectable odds, which gives them a big thumbs up from us.