10 Reasons Why ASM’s PGDM Is The Perfect Choice For Aspiring Business Professionals?
May 5, 2022
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Reasons Why ASM’s PGDM Is The Perfect Choice For Aspiring Business Professionals?
May 13, 2022

Comic review "among sheep"

Each of the characters occupies some niche - that's just our main character, tired lonely wolf, can not find a place in this totalitarian car. It works modestly at the factory next to the sheep, but one day the predatory nature makes itself felt - and the protagonist enters into an emotional player with the company's director. Of course, no one will tolerate such a violation of subordination - the wolf immediately finds himself on the street, turning from the usual screw of the system in marginal, dangerous and disastrous anomaly.

As in the case of the Ukrainian cinema, the domestic comics sometimes have to do a discount - so, it is possible somewhere panels painted in their way, and somewhere they slip the motives, but we all understand that the industry is rather young, and the publishers still operate with small budgets. Therefore, when you hear that in "among the sheep" a cool drawing, then you immediately expect something good, but amazingly except according to the standards of the Ukrainian market. And in vain - despite the fact that Alexander Koreshkov somehow time to respond independently and for the plot of the comic, and for the taler, and for the drawing, and for coloring, each page looks just wonderful.

Emotional large plans, dynamic action scenes, detailed landscapes, spectacular game with perspective - all this is done on the most solid level. So, four small comic issues came out in four years, but technical skills and attention to the trifles are impressive. Especially when it concerns the construction of the world - in each issue there is enough clippings from newspapers, archival documents, drawings and photographs that expand and deepen our understanding of the setting, and which is simply insanely interesting to look at and study. If you like to track visual easter eggs and barely noticeable features of the drawing, then "among the sheep" is not the first Ukrainian comic that allows you to have fun.

Of course, here also have its drawbacks - the characters rather resemble rather unambiguous archetypes, and in the world "among sheep" there is not a lot of space for moral ambiguity or multiple interpretations. Perhaps it's all from the canon of the classic anti-dust plot, and it may be the fact that you need a lot of time for every issue, and he still simply did not have time to show heroes with some non-obvious sides. And yet, if you perceive comics not as a multi-level social criticism like conditional "guards", but as a concise parable about the dangers of totalitarianism, then most of the claims disappear. Yes, the heroes speak short, simple suggestions. Yes, the plot is quite straightforward here. But what did you want from the allegory? Melbet is a bookmaker who has the potential to captivate Indian punters to a great extent thanks to the array of betting options available on cricket. The new player will be eligible for a welcome bonus of 8000 INR by matching their first deposit at 100%. Melbet promo code India in the relevant field when registering as a new player, your welcome payout will be pumped up to a 130% bonus worth up to $/€130 (or currency equivalent). Melbet often offers many exciting bonuses and offers that will make your time on the site more exciting and rewarding.